Really moms and dads believed that strengthening this new mother or father-adolescent matchmaking could also help in keeping their child safe

Having said that, a father-based intimate exposure decisions input grounded regarding the social constructs off familismo might utilize messages exactly how teenage participation in the risk behaviors have bad effects besides with the adolescent, but for the greater loved ones program

A major motif so you’re able to leave the focus teams are this new difficulties regarding child-rearing teenagers inside the a decreased-income, urban area. Every parents regarding the desire teams have been aware the internal-area environments of one’s southern Bronx exhibited unique threats for their adolescents. not, though parents indicated concern with the dangers presented to their teenagers, the vast majority of shown believe within power to invoke child-rearing procedures designed to keep kids protected from harm. Each other Dominican and you will Puerto Rican mothers demonstrated how they monitored and you will supervised its adolescents’ whereabouts, behavior, and you may peers. Adolescents, due to their region, seemed shorter concerned about the risks demonstrated from the residing in the brand new inner city. However, men and women kids just who chatted about risks regarding the “the street” including expressed count on you to definitely its moms and dads you will enact particular behaviors in order to keep them secure.

Inattention for the range from Latino subgroups and parenting looks you will definitely unknowingly perpetuate an incomplete knowledge of parent-teenage relationship from inside the Latino household. Inspite of the ethnic heterogeneity out of Latina mothers and you will teens on the focus communities, the results of one’s study indicate themes mutual by Dominican and you can Puerto Rican members as opposed to so you’re able to layouts novel so you’re able to each subgroup. Whilst the countries of these two organizations are different, the new Dominican and Puerto Rican parents and you will teenagers within our test had comparable opinions about productive techniques for elevating pupils from inside the a low-money, urban ecosystem. The research means that new new member group deal with comparable parenting pressures as a function of residing in a metropolitan, resource-terrible community and that such shared pressures get hidden certain social differences one to if not might seem a great deal more popular anywhere between these communities.

The new concurrence off responses of parenting methods off moms and dads and you will teens was noteworthy. Having less variability into the answers tends to be due to numerous factors. You’ll be able to that young teens try faster ready showing fairly on the viewpoints out of greatest otherwise productive child-rearing practices, and this simply explain what they know off their own members of the family experience in parenting strategies. It is also possible that the common ecosystem have lead to equivalent feedback among moms and dads and adolescents regarding energetic parenting.

Such as for example, traditional moms and dad-built treatments to stop adolescent risk routines such as for instance premature sexual intercourse often focus on the negative effects of enacting the brand new decisions during the personal peak (such as for instance, moms and dads is display texts concerning the negative consequences out-of unintended maternity and you can intimately carried disease)

The outcomes presented here provide a refreshing breakdown of the parenting methods out of Dominican and you will Puerto Rican family members from inside the an excellent northeastern urban setting. Your reader is advised in order to very carefully use this type of conclusions to Latino parents residing in some other part of the world. Given the study’s manage mothers and you will teens, the latest part regarding dads wasn’t clearly experienced. We admit the chance that dads inside the traditional Latino properties will get imagine different parenting jobs than just moms and dads, hence this research was not able to just take. Our mother-teenage pairs were recruited on the same middle school regarding south Bronx, Nyc. Most of the users stayed in financially disadvantaged metropolitan communities, and that ilies residing in the All of us. The conclusions don’t suggest major Latino subgroup differences. Dominican and you may Puerto Rican mother-adolescent sets presented a whole lot more similarities than differences, and you can household set greater focus on danger on the child-rearing in the context of their neighborhood. We understand away from couple education having meticulously analyzed the fresh new parenting activities of the two teams.

The results of your analysis strongly recommend multiple the fresh recommendations to have societal performs practice, research, and also the development and investigations off mother-founded intervention applications. All of our results stress the significance of partnering Latino social constructs into official models of child-rearing to show alot more precisely the fresh new child-rearing decisions of Latino family members. I recommend shaping the brand new parenting size of demandingness and you can responsiveness inside terms of brand new Latino axioms away from familismo, respeto, personalismo, simpatia, in addition to intercourse role differentiations off machismo and you will marianismo. For example consolidation lets previously misclassified Latino parenting methods become most useful understood contained in this broader parenting style architecture. Societal professionals working with Latino family otherwise development members of the family-mainly based interventions to have Latino moms and dads can be appeal to the brand new classic dimensions out-of demandingness and you will responsiveness, even so they are more effective of the grounding including interventions from inside the such center constructs.

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