She attracts him to lunch at an emporium, and, after eating, says to your she is in deep love with your

24 hours later Toru incurs Midori, which encourages him on. Each of them drink heavily and Midori expresses the woman wish to have Toru. Toru laughs off the girl advances, but when she requires him for collectively again on Sunday, he accepts her invitation. On Sunday, Midori concerns Toru’s dorm to pick your right up. Throughout the go into stop, Toru asks Midori where they are headed, and she shows they are on their strategy to go to the lady dad within the medical, in which he’s dying of a brain tumor. Midori casually apologizes for sleeping about the lady father-she’d informed Toru he lived in Uruguay. Mr. Kobayashi is actually greatly ill and scarcely able to communicate. Toru, satisfied by Midori’s bedside manner but sensing how worn-out she ought to be, offers to spend mid-day taking care of their parent. While Midori is out, Toru cares for Mr. Kobayashi, which cryptically mentions things about Midori and a ticket into the Ueno section. Whenever Midori profits and Toru requires this lady concerning information, Midori recalls running overseas as a young child and departing form the Ueno facility before her father produced the woman home. Midori informs Toru that their grandfather ended up being most likely asking Toru to take care of Midori and requires your if he will. Toru promises Midori he will usually care for their. Several days later on, Midori’s grandfather dies, and Midori puts a stop to arriving at class. Distressed by this lady absence, Toru starts composing to Naoko again.

Toru admits the guy really loves Midori, as well, but nevertheless can’t a€?make a movea€? toward are with her due to their circumstance with Naoko

During the after that almost a year Toru keeps witnessing Midori and creating to Naoko. In the winter months break, the guy would go to visit the Ami Hostel. Naoko conveys issue about being able to mentally or physically be involved in a relationship, but Toru pledges to wait if it can take. Toru comes back to Tokyo and rents another house in a suburb after the seasons. He produces to Naoko regarding the action but fails to inform Midori-when the guy finally does label Midori, Momoko responses and reports that Midori was resentful about Toru’s breakdown to speak with her for a lot of days. Months run by-Toru hears from neither Naoko or Midori and uses a lot of his opportunity by yourself.

The guy and Naoko do sexual strategies inside the little only opportunity they have the ability to take, and Toru asks Naoko to go in with your when he will get an apartment of his or her own inside springtime

In April, a page from Reiko arrives detailing that Naoko is during a sensitive county and may getting relocating to a specialized center. Several days later on, Toru hears from Midori, too-she informs your she is ready to chat. A few days later on, the two reconnect and spend the day eating lunch, searching, and making up ground. After the day, Midori fingers Toru a letter. He checks out it regarding train-the letter, created whilst the two were seated on a park bench that very day, expresses Midori’s aggravation with Toru’s aloofness along with his failure to honestly create to their. She informs Toru she does not want to see or talk to your any longer. In-may, Reiko produces Toru to tell him that Naoko, who has been hearing voices, is used in another establishment. She contains Naoko’s new target, and Toru writes to her there, though he doesn’t listen straight back. 1 day in June, Midori gets near Toru after class and tells him she actually is prepared talking. Midori alerts Toru if the guy does not notice that he has got the opportunity with a a€?real, alive girla€? and select to get with her, he’ll drop them both.

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